Pinky Shrimp's

Fresh Seafood Market and Take Out


Seafood Company

83rd St and Long Beach Blvd. South, Beach Haven Crest, New Jersey

Open sometime in May until sometime in September,

generally speaking from 10 AM until 9 PM.  BYOB



Because we strive to sell the freshest seafood, not all selections are available at all times.

Local Tuna $14.99/lb.

Saku (sushi) Tuna $16.99/lb.

Local Sea Scallops $19.99/lb.

Local Swordfish $13.99/lb.

Organic Salmon $13.99/lb.

Shrimp Large $14.99/lb.

Shrimp Jumbo $17.99/lb.

Fluke $19.99/lb.

Cod $9.99/lb.

Alaskan Halibut $21.99/lb.

Mahi Mahi $19.99/lb.

Creole Catfish $9.99/lb.

Cooked Shrimp $17.99/lb.

Cocktail Shrimp $34.99/lb.