Clammy clam chowdas, golden fried shrimp, crispy fish-and-chips, blackened salmon, giant burgers, messy ribs—plus a devoted local crowd, this fiery seashore hideaway populated by seagulls, has a little something for everyone. Whether eating here or taking home you can expect the freshest selections in seafood prepared with panache. Voted best by our own staff, the hand breaded shrimp, mussels marinara and chowdas are not to be missed!

Now we know no one likes to wait for food, but the thought of getting sweet barnegat scallops two blocks off the beach while lounging on a picnic table and watching the seagulls rob unsuspecting tourists of their frecnh fries seems to make the wait worthwhile…



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83rd and S. Long Beach Boulevard

Beach Haven Crest, NJ










voted best by our own staff!

cup...$6    pint...$10    quart...$19


the white stuff (new england)

thick and creamy and loaded with clams

*the red stuff (manhattan)

lots of clams and just the right bite

the pink stuff (lobster bisque)

thick and rich with a splash of sherry



pinky shrimp's cocktail

steamed JUMBO shrimp, chilled and

served with lemon and cocktail sauce

6 piece...$12  12 piece...$23


clams on the 1/2 shell

local bay clams in the raw with lemon and cocktail

6 piece...$9  12 piece...$17


1/2 shell oysters

each...$3   6 piece...$16


*steamed little neck clams

local and sweet served with lemon and butter

12 piece...$13  24 piece...$22


Ipswich Clams

with lemon, butter and broth...$15


stuffed mushrooms

succulent fungi stuffed with our Jumbo lump crab cake

broiled to a golden brown...$20


*clams casino

six 1/2 shell clams broiled with peppers, pimento and bacon,

topped with toasted romano cheese...$14


steamed mussels

*with lemon and butter...$11

marinara and romano...$15

garlic and wine...$16


mozzarella sticks

served with marinara

6 piece...$9   12 piece…$17


onion rings

app...$10   big box…$15


chicken tenders

with our spicy BBQ sauce, ranch or honey mustard

6 piece...$15   12 piece...$28



app...$8   big box…$14




served with lettuce, tomato and a pickle


crispy cape codwich

in our crunchy, corny crust with tartar...$16


flounder sandwich

favorite flatfish fried golden brown with tartar...$15


blackened salmon

seared in pinky's secret spice
with a side of creamy bleu cheese...$18


tuna steak

blackened medium with bleu cheese or 
grilled medium with tartar sauce...$18


crab cake

homemade jumbo lump with tartar...$20


seafood salad

on New England style split top bun

shrimp...$18 or neptune...$12 or lobster…$29


grilled chicken

served with BBQ, ranch or honey mustard...$12


big ol' burger

charbroiled 10oz. all beef patty cooked medium,
nude or with cheddar cheese...$13




corn on the cob…$3.50

small fries…$5

small onion ring…$6

baked Idaho potato…$3

baked sweet potato…$3

our homemade coleslaw…$3

apple sauce…$2

small salad…$4

roll & butter…$1.50


extra 2oz cocktail, tartar or coconut shrimp sauce .75

extra 2oz other sauces .50

8oz cocktail or tartar cup $3



pinky shrimp's seafood salads

mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, carrots and onion 
topped with one of our home made seafood salads and croutons,

with dressing and a roll on the side

shrimp salad...$18 or neptune salad...$12


hail caesars

romaine, red onion, tomato, romano cheese and croutons
with a side of our caesar dressing and a roll

house caesar...$9

with grilled jumbo shrimp...$18

with blackened saku tuna (rare only)...$18

with grilled chicken...$14


 *grand garden salad

greens topped with fresh vegetables

and dressing on the side...$8


dressings include: bleu cheese, italian, ranch,

caesar & fat free balsamic vinaigrette



Pinky's Classics

a-la-carte menu comes with sauce

build your own dinner by adding sides

small plates or large


super shrimp

our claim to fame! fried or *broiled in lemon,

white wine and butter comes with cocktail sauce

6 piece...$11  12 piece…$20


caribbean coconut shrimp

coconut crusted shrimp served

with our secret dipping sauce

6 piece…$13   12 piece...$25


sublime sea scallops

tender local sea scallops fried or *broiled

with a side of tartar sauce

small (4ish)...$15   large (8ish)...$28


succulent shrimp & scallops

a combination of our famous shrimp with tender local scallops

fried or *broiled with cocktail and tartar...$25


mongo combo

because seafood loves company. shrimp, scallops, cod

and one of our big crab cakes,

fried or broiled with cocktail and tartar...$38


crispy clam strip

a slew of slivered clams fried to a golden brown with tartar

small...$11   large…$20


i'm cravin’ crab cakes

our homemade jumbo lump crab cakes with tartar sauce,

fried or broiled

one crab cake...$18   two crab cakes...$32


fantasticly fried flounder

atlantic flat fish breaded and fried, served with tartar sauce

one fillet...$8   two fillets…$15


*oo la la lobster

1 pound+ whole lobster steamed to perfection; with lemon and butter

1 lobster…$MP or 2 lobsters...$MP


*long beach lobster bake

whole lobster on a pile of clams and mussels with lemon and butter;

1 lobster…$MP or 2 lobsters...$MP


*tantalizing tails

6oz. lobster posteriors broiled with lemon and butter

one tail...$NA or two tails…$NA


*steamed snow crab clusters

over a pound of this favorite flaky shellfish

served with a side of butter and lemon...$MP


*alaskan king crab

1 pound+ of luscious crustacean with lemon and butter...$NA


the big ol' rack

rack of baby back ribs, flame broiled in our spicy BBQ sauce

1/2 rack...$15   full rack…$29




pinky's eclectic selections


pinky’s supreme

shrimp and scallops with zucchini and fresh tomato

in a light clam sauce served over linguine

and topped with romano cheese...$28


saucy shrimp alfredo

a heaping helping of sauteed shrimp

smothered in our cheesy alfredo served over linguine...$28


cape codder fish-n-chips

in a crispy crust with a heaping helping of fries, slaw and tartar...$24


mighty mussels

plump mussels drowning in marinara sauce

served over linguine and topped with romano cheese...$21


jammin' jambalaya

shrimp, chicken and smoked sausage in a piquant mojo

of peppers, tomato and rice served with slaw...$29


crescent city seafood creole

shrimp, scallops and salmon simmered

in a screole tomato sauce over a bed of rice...$29


pinky's wicked shrimp

JUMBO shrimp finished in honey lager

and a cajun beurre noir, served over rice...$29


fiesta fajitas

seared shrimp, peppers and onion

finished with lime and a touch of tequila,

with soft flour tortillas, salsa and sour cream...$28


scrumptious scampi

shrimp and garlic sauteed in extra virgin olive oil,

with sweet sherry, nut free pesto and diced tomato over linguine...$28


bangin’ bonito burrito

sliced blackened yellowfin tuna over black bean jalapeño rice

served with soft flour tortillas and all the trimmin’s...$27


catfish new orleans

pan seared fillet of catfish topped with shrimp

and a cajun beurre noir served over rice...$26


*frankie's famous fish kebabs

skewers of tuna, swordfish and vegetables grilled over an open flame,

served over rice...$29


over stuffed sole

once flat fish, now fat fish barely wraps around jumbo lump crab cake,

served over rice..$30


Captain Dan’s Daily Catch

 *Local Swordfish Steak grilled or blackened…$29

*Local Yellowfin Tuna Steak grilled or blackened…$29

*Organic Salmon Fillet grilled or blackened…$26

*Halibut Broiled or blackened…$NA

*Local Mahi Mahi grilled or blackened…$MP

*Baked Cod Fillet…$18


*Gluten Free Items. All Broiled Items,

Except the Crabcake, are Gluten Free.

Cocktail and Tartar are gluten free.




fried family feast

the works!  $150

12 fried shrimp, 12oz fried scallops,

4 fried crabcakes,  3 fillet o’ fried flounder, 12oz clam strips,

a bucket o’ fries  and a pint o’ slaw, served with cocktail and tartar sauces



kid stuff

all except pasta come with a choice of fries or applesauce

lil' shrimper 6 fried shrimp with cocktail sauce...$13

coco loco 6 coconut shrimp with our secret sauce...$15

chicken little 3 chicken tenders with dipping sauce...$9

krispy kodder a crispy fillet with tartar sauce...$14

capt'n clam pint size clam strips with tartar sauce...$13

lingooni 'n sauce pasta with marinara and a roll...$6



please be aware that the consumption of raw or under-cooked, meat, poultry, seafood or shellfish significantly increases your risk of
contracting a food borne illness. furthermore, we'd also like to take this moment to remind you that: a) consuming alcohol significantly
increases your risk of getting drunk, and b) that walking upright significantly increases your risk of falling down- especially if following
proposition “a”. for more information please visit the centers for disease control and prevention at: www.cdc.gov.

thank you and be safe! we fry in a soy vegetable blend oil.